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Director - Charles Anderson

Charles Anderson

For twenty-five years I’ve had the pleasure of working with leading corporations across Canada, the United States and Europe. I’ve had the opportunity to work with innovative enterprises while also working on international projects with industry-leading broadcasters such as National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. In every instance the reward has been in finding innovative ways to connect and engage our audience with good stories, fresh approaches, and great content. I’m a writer by training, a strategist by inclination, and a director by osmosis.


Director & Producers

Karl André Talbot

Karl André Talbot is a Canadian businessman, an international marketing advisor and a film producer. After producing 30-minute documercials for two decades, Karl jumped in a new format for story telling, documentaries and movies. "Silenced, as mercury rises" was his first full documentary. The film won 20 Awards and 31 nomination world wide. Karl just finished filming his next documentary coming out in 2023 called "INactive". He is presently working on writing two more environmental documentaries and two new movies.


Mathieu Ratthé

Mathieu's passion for film started at only 10 years old when he shot his first short film. His passion for film grew with the years, growing up he shot over a dozen short films, which he wrote, directed, produced and edited.​ ​


Following an internship at Paramount in Los Angeles, he had the privilege to join former music mogul Bryan Turner (Priority Records) at Melee Entertainment to produce, develop and oversee feature films under his overall deal at Paramount Pictures.​ ​ Mathieu continued to develop his vision and shot an award-winning short film entitled Lovefield as well as a TV pilot, Pretty Wicked, for Starz Media. At this time, Mathieu also filmed a demo scene for The Talisman (based on Stephen King's bestseller).​ ​ All the experience and knowledge acquired over the years, helped finesse Mathieu's skills, style and vision taking him onto the next step in his journey; the making of his next two feature films produced by his new production company, ReachStar Entertainment.


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